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Camp Ground Expansion

The Crazy Creek Camp Ground Expansion, Added an additional 25 sites including water, power, and septic at each site. This project included tree/stump removal, grading, a new recreational trail, and signage installation. 

New Construction 

The Mabel Lake new construction ground work included demolition of an existing shop, home, and cabin. Tree removal was done and the yard was landscaped including a multi-tiered rock wall. This home had restrictions due to proximity to the lake.

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Backyard Landscape 

A full backyard revamp in Swansea Point included a slate rock kitchen with water, rock wall, fire pit, stairs, new turf, mature tree planted, and shade covering.

Creek Diversion 

Working with Ministry of Transportation and Fisheries a creek was diverted, two new culverts installed, and riprap to protect the banks. 

Wagon Trail

A contract with the City of Rossland to upgrade a trail including grading, culvert installation, landscaping, and hydroseeding. 

Water System Replacement

Replaced water hydrants at 25 residents and replacing the main waterline, then finishing all landscaping back to original state. 

Driveway Expansion

Remove existing gravel from driveway, fabric area, build up and grade, haul and spread recycled asphalt, and packed the driveway. 

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