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With a multitude of machines Double Barrel Industries can do ground preparation for building, ground leveling, or add features to your space. 

If your space is unusable or covered in trees and rocks, Double Barrel Industries will clear your property and open the possibilities for your space. 

Double Barrel Industries demolishes structures of any size and remove any left over debris, leaving the area as if nothing was there. The Double Barrel team has experience working in sensitive areas including adjacent to lakes and rivers, other homes, and power lines. 

Double Barrel Industries designs and installs new septic systems, repair and/or replace existing ones, tests systems, and maintains them.

If you are having trouble accessing your septic lid we can install a new access structure making your system easy to get to if issues arise. 

Double Barrel Industries has experienced operators and equipment to get close to your new structure or to dig around your existing building. 

Removing trees can leave you with unsightly, inconvenient stumps; Double Barrel Industries will come in and remove the stumps and roots making the area more usable

Double Barrel Industries can provide dirt removal, water or septic

hydro-vac services 

Double Barrel Industries can tap into a pre-existing water service without shutting the system down. 

Need pipe joined? We butt fuse a multitude of sizes of pipe. 

If a leak or a blockage needs to be located we can find where the issue is. 

Have us come locate your underground services prior to a project.

Double Barrel Industries has a number of large trucks for all your hauling needs, from dump trucks to low beds. 

Double Barrel Industries does brushing, road building, grating, and clearing to make any location accessible. 

Double Barrel Industries can prep and pour driveways, side walks, floors, decks or resurface preexisting surfaces. 

Double Barrel Industries will bring the product to you or haul it away.

Double Barrel Industries can make your space green and lush with ease by installing irrigation for your lawn and garden. 

Double Barrel Industries can redesign your outdoor space from rock work to tree planting, making your vision a reality. 

Double Barrel Industries has the qualified staff and equipment to upgrade power systems, install new poles and lines, and repair existing ones. Staff are trained in Power System Safety Protection. 

Need Custom Work? 
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